Rose Nail Paraffin Wax

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Hands are our “Second Face”. With our Rosy Nail Paraffin Wax, you can hold the beauty on your fingertips!

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Fresh and silky, this rosy wax combines the power of paraffin wax treatment with the essence of natural ingredients to provide an ultimate moisturization to your nails.

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With only three steps: Dip, Dry and Tear, you can smoothen damaged dry fingertips and wrap them in a protective veil.

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The vital essence from Rose, Honey, Witch Hazel and Sophora coats your nails with natural nourishment to reveal an even and luminous complexion.

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  • Rich Natural Essence:
    Essence of Rose aroma oil, Honey, Witch Hazel and Sophora. Fully restores the skin’s vitality and rosy glow.


  • All-rounded Repairment:
    The silky paraffin wax effectively relieve dry, weak nails and prevent damages from regular nail arts
  • Simple to Use:
    Only THREE steps: Dip, Dry, Tear and you can enjoy the ultimate nail care!
  • Long-lasting Moisturising Care:
    Reestablish nails’ natural luminosity. Offers a splash of freshness that last for days.

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How To Use:

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  • 1 pc of Rosy Nail Paraffin Wax (100g)

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