Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner

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Let your most precious jewelry shine and sparkle again!

Our Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner is a liquid cleaning solution that will restore all your tarnished jewelry, giving back the sparkle and brand new look only in just 1 minute.

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With the professional formula combining hydrogen peroxide and suede fabric, this cleaner safely cleans all kinds of jewelry such as diamond, silver, and gold while delivering crystal clear results.

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The ammonia-free solution allows a deep cleaning without harming or damaging your jewelry. Simply apply the cleaning formula directly or by a cloth, wipe the jewelry and rinse, retaining a dazzling and shiny coating up to 12 months.

  • Fast Acting Solution :
    An expert combination of hydrogen peroxide and suede fabric, this cleaner safely cleans all kinds of jewelry materials such as diamond, silver, and gold while delivering crystal clear results
  • Instant Clean and Restoration :
    Instantly restores sparkle + shine to keep all your jewelry looking new
    magic gloss jewelry cleaner 5de2e2d0b34da - Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner
  • Non-Toxic Solution :
    100% non-toxic and biodegradable, safe to use
  • Universal Use :
    Can be used on a variety of jewelry types including gold, palladium, diamonds, etc.
    magic gloss jewelry cleaner 5de2e2d210e68 - Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner
  • Long-Lasting Shine :
    Prevent tarnishing from reforming last for 12 months
  • Safe For Coated Surfaces :
    No ammonia or harsh chemical. Safe for you and your jewelry
    magic gloss jewelry cleaner 5de2e2d65469e - Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner


  • Net Capacity: 50ml


  • 1pc x Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleanermagic gloss jewelry cleaner 5de2e2d773c68 - Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner


    Worked great on my Invicta watch and my wife’s wedding ring. Much easier and less time consuming that going to jewelry store for cleaning
    I bought this to clean all of my silver jewelry that I want to pass along to my young daughter. This made the process so much easier and faster than I had feared. Most of the time spent was just letting them soak in the solution.
    inally, something that will revive my jewelry. I like that the smell is not offensive.
    Great stuff , really work !!!
    Cleaned well with easy to follow instructions.
    Has really cleaned my wife's jewelry it's came in a very nice packaging
    Magic Gloss Jewelry Cleaner photo review
    Thank you very much

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