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The difficult part about washing glasses is reaching the bottom part. Sometimes, your hand doesn’t fit or the glass is just too deep to reach and clean properly. How do we solve this? With the The CLEANCUP™ Scrubber!

Mount On Glass Scrubber
Save time and effort washing your drinking glasses with this easy mountable scrub. Uses strong absorption suction cups to keep it intact even when wet. Just stick it in your sink, add dish washing soap, and scrub your glasses clean instantly!
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The CLEANCUP™ Scrubber requires no drilling or sticking agents. Just put it on any flat surface. The strong suction will save you time and effort in installation, and easy detachment! 
Simple installation that takes less than a minute! After usage, just rinse the cleaner under running water for quick cleaning
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Double Brush Design for Maximum Cleaning
Wash your glasses to perfection! With a double brush design with strong and flexible bristles, decontamination is easy and effective! Maximum cleaning leaving no trace of any bad bacteria in your glasses!
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Faster Washing
Wash two times faster! With perfectly positioned brushes, you get to wash both the inside wall AND outside wall of your drinking glasses at the same time saving you more time!
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Removable Parts and Easy to Clean
Need to clean the brushes? No problem! Simply take the brushes apart to clean them easily.

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Make washing easier with the The CLEANCUP™ Scrubber!

  • Easy Installation: Stick on and scrub away!
  • Soft bristle brushes: Clean your cups and glasses thoroughly and without a scratch! 
  • Suction cup base: Steady yet easily removable so it leaves your walls and surfaces without a mark! 


Sink Suction Cup Base Glass Cleaning Gadget 8 large - CLEANCUP™ Scrubber

Sink Suction Cup Base Glass Cleaning Gadget 7 large - CLEANCUP™ Scrubber



  • Material: PP+PVC
  • Size: 17.5*14cm
  • Weight: 205g


  • 1* Rotatable Glass and Cup Cleaning Brush
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5 reviews for CLEANCUP™ Scrubber

    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    I wanted a quicker way to hand-wash my Stoopid dishes. This thing expedites the process and I can use it for small bowls, silverware etc as well. As usual,I made a pretty good decision 😁 in all seriousness, I've had no issues with it thus far and it has done it's job as advertised, reaches into pint glasses and weird shaped glasses (finally).
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    This was exactly what I needed and worked great. I broke my finger and needed surgical intervention with a bracket and screws. I was unable to wash my dishes and researched this washer. I put it in the bottom of my dishpan with soapy water and it made washing dishes very easy. The suction cups work great and so do the brushes.
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    This is a fantastic product. My 21 year old brother make a ton of smoothies, and does not clean up after himself immediately after make them (or anything else really). The bristles are strong enough to make quick work of dried-on smoothie-bits, and the suction cups are strong enough that you can really press into the scrub without worrying that the whole thing will slide around under your cup. Honestly, he's started using this to scrub every dish; he's doing the dishes quicker and and with more regularity. If you buy this glass washer, doing dishes will get easier.
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review
    Excellent product quality
    CLEANCUP™ Scrubber photo review

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